7 Major Benefits of Beetroot Juice

Benefits of Beetroot JuiceBoth scientists and doctors agree that there are at least seven major benefits of beetroot juice on the human body. Because the latest results of these medical studies have recently been released, most people still have no idea of all of the beet juice benefits that await them. Read the list below to find out about beetroot juice side effects and advantages.

1. Better blood flow – Whether you enjoy exercising or simply want to improve circulation, enjoying juiced beets will get your heart pumping more efficiently.

2. Helpful for the elderly – The elderly, particularly those with various stages of dementia, can enjoy the benefits of beetroot juice. It is thought that increased blood flow to the brain helps with the symptoms of dementia.

3. Lowers high blood pressure – Follow a simple beetroot juice recipe in order to keep your blood pressure levels low. Beets should not be substituted for medication>

4. Increased glutathione levels – Glutathione is essential to keeping abnormal cells from forming and replicating. Because abnormal cells are the precursor to cancer, it is thought that one of the benefits of beetroot juice is cancer prevention.

5. Lowers cholesterol – Like carrot juice benefits, beets have been shown to effectively battle high cholesterol levels. Again, beets cannot be consumed in place of taking prescription medicines. However, you can slowly and safely reduce bad cholesterol levels simply with the addition of beet juice to your diet.

6. Total body detoxification – Instead of fasting or visiting the sauna, you can increase your intake of beet juice to detoxify your body. Beets are one of the many foods that have vitamin a, so you can better your body by drinking a few glasses a day.

7. Better concentration – When you increase the amount of oxygen that goes to the brain, you are better able to concentrate on particularly difficult tasks. While all benefits of beetroot juice have not yet been established, it is fairly easy to make this correlation.

Beets are mild in taste, easily accessible and fairly inexpensive in most markets. Now that you know what benefits to expect, you will likely want to drink at least one cup of fresh beet juice per day.