7 Interesting Celery Nutrition Facts

Celery Nutrition FactsWhen most people think of celery, they think of nothing more than the perfect accompaniment to hot wings, or an ideal vehicle for peanut butter and raisins. Celery, however, is more than a condiment transportation device. In fact, the health benefits of celery are frequently overlooked, as this pale green plant has so much more to offer than simply a creative way to eat ranch dressing. Some celery nutrition facts might surprise you, and others may simply have you headed to the store for a few stalks of this crunchy, mint green diet food. If you’re still not convinced about the nutritional surprises behind celery, than you need to check out our list of 7 interesting celery nutrition facts!

  • Negative Calorie Myth: Yes, yes. It’s true that technically celery uses more calories to eat than it will add to your waistline, however eating celery all day to lose weight makes about as much sense as those hip jiggling devices from the 50’s. One diet benefit of celery however is the crunchy snack’s ability to keep you from eating snack cakes and jelly donuts.
  • Vitamin K: Celery is packed with vitamin k, and if you check out celery nutrition facts as printed on your friendly grocery store level, you will find a wealth of vitamin k locked in every stalk.
  • Low saturated fat, low cholesterol: For people on restrictive diets, the low cholesterol content along with minimal saturated fat make celery rather guilt free.
  • Dietary Fiber: Ever wonder what keeps hippies coming back to juice bars? Perhaps it has something to do with celery juice benefits. A great source of dietary fiber, celery is a great option for people looking to regulate digestive function and meet their recommended daily values.
  • Menstrual relief: Who knew that celery was so kind to the ladies? Perhaps celery nutrition facts should include its proven effectiveness in a combination product to reduce the discomfort associated with the monthly visitors of women everywhere.
  • Vitamin A: Most sources of vitamin A come from animals, and celery is a celebrated food amongst vegans everywhere. Grabbing a decent portion of your daily dose from this low calorie food can keep the vegetarian crowd sufficiently stocked with vitamin A.
  • Sodium: All that glitters is not gold and there is at least one downside to the celery we all know and love. It’s higher in sodium than many people realize and for people on sodium restricted diets, it may not be the snack for you.

Celery provides a wealth of benefits coming from both the fruit and seeds. While still speculative at best, celery seed gout remedy theories abound. Additionally, the plant is thought to increase the flow of urine, making celery seed diuretic remedies popular. However, you don’t need to think of celery as a home remedy for anything to merely enjoy it as a tasty and nutritious snack!