7 Important Tips To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

tips to lower blood pressureFor many people, hypertension is a lifelong affliction that can lead to other health conditions and degrade the quality of life for sufferers in extreme conditions. While medicines are helpful, there are some blood pressure medication side effects that leave some with the ailment less than satisfied

and seeking natural options and lifestyle changes to help as well. We’ve compiled a list of seven helpful tips to help naturally reduce blood pressure that you might want to consider as additional treatment options, or even to help prevent the condition, particularly in higher risk individuals. Remember however, the tips to lower blood pressure that are presented on this list are part of a generally healthy lifestyle anyways, but you should never stop taking medication for hypertension to opt instead for natural remedies.

1. Exercise: While important in those experiencing pregnancy induced hypertension, exercise is important for anyone who is looking for tips to lower blood pressure. One of the most important considerations is weight control. Those who are overweight and particularly people who are obese are at a substantially higher risk of developing hypertension and therefore it can serve as not only a natural treatment option, but also a healthful preventative measure for high risk people as well.

2. Alcohol: There is some debate concerning the link between alcohol and high blood pressure, but the general consensus is that occasional use in moderation can serve as a useful tool for helping stave off heightened spikes in blood pressure. Studies have found that one drink a day or less can protect heart health and provide additional benefit for those seeking tips to lower blood pressure.

3. Reduce salt: It’s likely one of the first things that your doctor will tell you if you have high blood pressure and it provides other benefits to the body as well. In fact, avoiding the salt shaker is even more important in people who have a genetic predisposition to having higher than normal blood pressure. The generally accepted rule is to intake half the amount as is normal for someone without hypertension, so skip the shaker to naturally reduce it!

4. Monitor It!: It’s nearly impossible to control something that you can’t see and as such, monitoring your hypertension is very important. You can pick up devices to measure your own blood pressure at the drugstore; however the best blood pressure monitor according to many health care professionals is the manual method employing nothing more than an accurate clock and a sphygmomanometer. Inexpensive and crucial for controlling hypertension, one of the most important tips to lower blood pressure is to know and understand the severity of your condition.

5. Foods Can Help: There are a variety of foods to help lower blood pressure that you can enjoy frequently to provide heart health. Those that are rich in potassium such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, bananas and orange juice can all provide hypertension reducing properties. The flavanoids contained in dark chocolate can also prove to be useful as well and have been proven to help lower blood pressure. However, remember to enjoy this sweet treat in moderation, or you’ll be looking for other tips to lower blood pressure, such as number 1 on this list (exercise).

6. Reduce Stress: Stress can be a big contributor to raising blood pressure as anyone who has been stuck in rush hour traffic or stuck in an intense board room meeting can attest. Reducing stress by engaging in relaxing activities such as yoga and meditation can all provide relief from the stresses of the day and can serve as tips to lower blood pressure on the fly when you feel your blood boiling.

7. Reduce Caffeine: Caffeine is a stimulant and, although there are no conclusive studies that indicate that it can increase hypertension, some trials conducted have shown that it just might. Play it safe and consider switching to decaf coffees and teas. Not only might this prove useful for naturally reducing blood pressure, it may also contribute to better sleep, another helpful consideration amongst tips to lower blood pressure.