7 Best Herbs for Stress – Make Your Life Easier!

Herbs for StressStressful situations, especially on a continuing basis, will get the best of anyone before long. Overall health, whether physical or mental, is highly affected by the amount of stress we deal with in our lives. Reason being, stress hormones secreted at high levels diminish necessary nutrients and energy. Stress will elevate blood pressure, increase cholesterol levels and manipulate the immune system. Whether stress comes from a job or lack of job, family problems, money issues, or other reasons, various stress reducers along with herbs for stress may surely be a welcomed treatment. Stress reducers may include various self therapies like autogenic therapy, meditation, yoga, music or visual therapy, and many others known to reduce stress. Additionally, herbs for stress have been used for centuries.

The following are 7 of the best herbs used for stress:

1. KAVA KAVA is successfully used for anxiety. As one of the more popular herbs for stress, kava kava will calm anxiety and also promote sleep.

2. VALERIAN ROOT will not only act as a sleep aid when taken in larger doses, this herb will also help in dealing with panic attacks or any type of stress induced condition.

3. GINSENG is an herb used for stress and is known to benefit the nervous system, especially when compromised from illness.

4. CATNIP, an herb which comes in the form of tea, will sooth and relax the anxious mind and body.

5. PASSION FLOWER has the properties of a tranquilizer to decrease anxiety and calm nerves.

6. LEMON BALM is a perennial herb which is used as a relaxant, giving the body a feeling of well being.

7. CHAMOMILE is not only used for upset stomachs or calming babies, it will also calm anxiety in people of any age.