5 Hibiscus Tea Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of!

Hibiscus Tea Side EffectsWhile plenty is known about this herb, most hibiscus tea side effects have not been verified. In fact, side effects can vary widely from person to person. However, pregnant woman can experience serious and even life threatening side effects if they drink hibiscus tea. Here are the five main reasons that women should never drink this herbal tea while pregnant or nursing.

1. Spontaneous abortion – It is not known how much hibiscus or sage tea a pregnant woman would have to drink in order to cause spontaneous abortion, which is why it should be avoided altogether. Even a small cup of hibiscus herbal tea could cause this side effect, so do not drink it while pregnant unless you are under the direction of your doctor.

2. Lowered blood pressure – while this side effect might sound like hibiscus benefits for individuals suffering from high blood pressure, it might be very dangerous for people prone to low systolic blood pressure. Low energy, headaches and even fainting can be triggered due to dangerously low blood pressure.

3. Risk of tainted breast milk – As anything that a mother drinks can be passed and stored in her milks supply, hibiscus tea side effects include unknown risks to nursing babies. Because hibiscus causes both miscarriage and premature labor, it is very likely that it is also harmful to infants.

4. Premature labor – Hibiscus is very unpredictable when pregnant women are involved. Drinking it in tea form can cause you to go into labor if you are in the third trimester. These hibiscus tea side effects have caused doctors and midwives to warn their pregnant or nursing patients against its use.

5. Spotting during pregnancy – Hibiscus tea pregnancy risks increase depending on the amount that you ingest. Even if you do not miscarry, you may end up spotting and bleeding throughout your pregnancy. This in and of itself can cause other pregnancy complications to arise.

You might be weary of hibiscus tea side effects while you are pregnant, but you can use the herb as soon as your child is fully weaned. Because of these hibiscus tea side effects, you may also want to avoid it if you are actively trying to conceive a child.