10 Best Fibromyalgia Doctors in USA

Fibromyalgia DoctorsFibromyalgia is a disease that doctors are still struggling to understand. Not many fibromyalgia doctors exist in the United States, but anyone with a background in rheumatology will be able to provide you with an excellent level of care. While new helpful treatments and pain management methods are being introduced, it is important that you ask for a referral to a specialist as soon as you start to experience the signs of fibromyalgia. Below is a list of the top 10 doctors specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia.

1. Dr. Richard Cappiello – This doctor is affiliated with Bethesda Memorial Hospital in the state of Florida. If you want to have a fibromyalgia test performed, this doctor comes highly recommended.

2. Dr. Chester Oddis – As one of the most highly regarded fibromyalgia doctors in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area, Dr. Oddis is happily accepting new patients.

3. Dr. Steven Hugenberg – With a practice in Indianapolis, Dr. Hugenberg has treated with some of the best fibromyalgia doctors in the nation.

4. Dr. Hal Mitnick – Located in Manhattan, New York, Dr. Mitnick is a rhemotologist that gets high praises from others in the medical field for his work with fibromyalgia patients.

5. Dr. Elaine Adams – Based out of Illinois, Dr. Adams provides patients with the most up to date information on vitamins for fibromyalgia as well as the most beneficial treatments.

6. Dr. Walter Moore – If you reside in Georgia, you can rested assured that you will be in the hands in one of the top fibromyalgia doctors in the stage. Dr. Moore offers a wide range of fibromyalgia treatment methods to all of his patients.

7. Dr. James O’Dell – This leading rheumologist sees patients from all over the Midwest.

8. Dr. David Wofsy – Any California residents experiencing fibromyalgia symptoms should go to see Dr. Wofsy at once.

9. Dr. George Tsokos – Dr. Tsokos is viewed as one of the most experienced fibromyalgia doctors practicing in the greater Boston area.

10. Dr. Thomas Osborn – This doctor is affiliated with the Mayo Clinic and has his own practice in Minnesota.